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Every home must have an air purifier due to the ever-deteriorating environmental conditions. A typical air purifier for home uses a wide range of air circulation technology for filtering out the common contaminants that can be harmful for your family. If you are looking for more reasons to get yourself an air purifier, you should consider these 6 reasons.

1. Eliminating Air Contaminants

The latest air purifier systems are designed to remove harmful air contaminants from your home interiors. Most people don’t know t

hat the air in their homes can have 2 to 5 times higher concentration of air pollutants than the outdoors. The right purifier can eliminate dust, smoke, chemicals, pet dander, and mold.

2. Removing VOC

Most people don’t know what VOCs mean, but these harmful chemicals can be released by a variety of items you already have in your home. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are compounds with high vapor pressure and are mostly emitted by paints and other types of coatings on items in your home. If you are exposed to these fumes for long, they can increase the risk of serious health conditions. Make sure to choose the best air purifiers that can remove VOCs from your home.

3.  Eliminate Germs

Regular cleaning and vacuuming is not just enough to make your home germ-free. The right air purifier for home can help in preventing a wide range of illnesses related to germs. These purifiers feature special germicidal filters to eliminate most of the germs.

You can also find air purifiers that can help kill mosquitoes. This can mean that you will no longer have to use the conventional chemicals-based mosquito repellants that cause you to inhale harmful compounds. Most people don’t know that some types of air purifier India can in fact kill mosquitoes too.

4. Producing Negative Ion

The best air purifiers can also produce negative ions that neutralize positive ions and thus help in fighting air pollutants and common allergens. The result is that the air quality improves significantly and you can enjoy many health benefits.

5. Removing Odors

This is the most common reason why people prefer using an air purifier in their home. The right air purifier works by removing unpleasant odors by using carbon filters. This function can be beneficial if you have a smoker in the family. It can also remove odors coming from the kitchen.

A typical air purifier for home is designed for removing contaminants so that you can breathe in pure air. It can help keep everyone in the family healthier, but the benefits can be manifold for those who already have some existing respiratory problems. The health benefits of having an air purifier in your home and workplace include reduced trouble due to respiratory conditions, improved sleep, and peace of mind. Some air purifiers can also help in reducing cortisol levels. This can mean reduced stress and feeling more relaxed. Thus, the results can be far reaching. You will be able to create a healthier environment and also improve the inhabitants’ efficiency and productivity in their chores or jobs.

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Tips to Burn Fat Faster to Look Your Best

When talking about dieting and a healthy lifestyle change, the holiday season can be the most trying.

This is the time of year when temptation surrounds you more often than not. So how can you avoid the sugary and fattening pitfall of the season and also learn some nice ways to burn fat easily. Believe or not, there are many ways to stay on track and not throw the healthy choices into the fire along with the Yule log.

1. Realistic Lifestyle Changes

If you are in the middle of one of the phases of the HCG diet, then the holiday season with all of its gatherings can pose quite a challenge.

Therefore, you will need to have a "heart-to-heart" with yourself and deeply ponder the question of "Is it worth it?" when eyeing the cookie tray. In another instance, is that slice of pie really worth all of these weeks of adjusting to a different way of eating? Well, that depends entirely on you.

Since, you are the captain of your own ship, but unless you’re ready to backtrack to the Second Phase (Calorie and Fat-burning Phase), then you might consider staying with the allowable food options.

Another factor to remember is that if you’re far along into the Phase Three, then even a single cookie might make you sick, much less a generous cup of eggnog. Your body is no longer accustomed to sugar or simple carbs. Therefore, if you try to down even just one small empanada, your stomach is going tell you, “No way, Jose!”

Note also that yes, the HCG drops have been doing their job of working with your body’s systems and the nutrients that you’ve been ingesting, but you will need to stay with the reality that they cannot totally undo the damage of a giant slice of pumpkin roll (unless perhaps, it’s whole wheat, and the filling has more pumpkin than cream cheese). So have a game plan in mind before you step out to the next holiday party.

Be aware of what you can or should have while on this diet plan and focus more on socializing with everyone than the eating.

2. Communication is the Key

Depending on how familiar and close you are with the host or hostess, he or she might already be aware of your dieting endeavor. So often times, when there is a food restriction involved, the person who is hosting the gathering might set out food and beverages that are allowable for the person(s) who faces some dietary challenges.

In other words, if someone has a severe intolerance to gluten, then there might be foods that are gluten free; or if someone has an allergy to tree nuts, there would be some safe alternatives.

Thus, if you are very close to the person who is hosting, then you can possibly gently and politely remind them of your own restrictions. ("Mom, please don’t be hurt if I don’t dig into the tamales like I have done in the past.

I really appreciate the time and love that you put into this tradition, but I'm going to stick to my plan and enjoy the red chili stew that you always have on the side.)

Better yet, whether or not the gathering is a potluck, you can still offer to help by bringing some of your own snacks to share or the salad (vegetable or fruit).

Relish trays with vegetables or healthy casseroles to offset some of the “heavier” foods are always appreciated. Another suggestion is to bring a dessert alternative, like cinnamon-glazed pecans or spiced apples for those who may not care much for pumpkin pie.

You might be the "lifesaver" that your friend or relative needs during this hectic time of year; so then, the both of you are benefiting.

However, what if you don’t know the host all that well, or he or she is your boss? No worries! You already have your mental list of allowable foods to stick with, and there is no need to make it obvious that you are trying to avoid one dish while loading up on something else.

If anyone does call into question the scant contents of your plate, then you can always say that you’re making sure everyone else gets a helping before you serve yourself. Or you can take only ONE bite to say that you’ve tried it, and you like it. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a bit of consideration?

3. Stay on track with your HCG supplement

Ideally, you should be taking your drops sublingually on a regular basis without eating or drinking anything thirty minutes before or after. This routine can work out very much to your advantage.

As an example, you take your hcg drops right before you leave for the gathering, and once you get there, you won’t be going straight to the buffet. You will need to wait out the thirty minutes, and by that time, all the petite fours will be gone or you’ll just be too busy to eat.

Another option is to step into the powder room for a brief moment to take your drops. If you wait about thirty minutes or so into the gathering and then take the drops, then you will have to wait another thirty minutes before eating or drinking (except for water, but wait at least fifteen minutes or so) Basically, this gives you about an hour of guilt-free socializing, and by the time the hour passes, you probably won’t feel the urge to indulge.

4. Indulge in the Healthy Snacks…Ahead of Time

A very common practice among many people who are attempting to maintain or even lose weight during the holiday season is to munch on raw vegetables and drink lots of water beforehand.

Raw vegetables, like celery, broccoli, bell peppers, and carrots are very low in calories and have little to no fat, unless you add plain peanut butter (not processed) to your celery, which might not be a bad idea since the “good” fat in peanut butter, along with the fiber in the celery, will make you feel fuller for longer period of time.

Going along the same lines, you can always treat yourself to a leafy, green salad with a variety of vegetables and a half an ounce of walnuts or almond slivers and a small amount of dressing. Therefore, you won’t be so tempted by any of the fattening choices.

Also, another practice to remember is that once you are at the gathering, you can get away with sticking to the veggie tray—just be careful with the amount of dip.

5. Try Supplementing

If you still believe that you might need a bit more assistance, try supplementing with some natural "metabolic boosters". Here are some suggestions to start with:

· Green or oolong tea
· Turmeric or cinnamon in capsule form (one per day is enough)
· Vitamin E
· Vitamin D (especially useful for this time of year when stress takes a toll on energy level)
· B - Vitamins
· Garcinia Cambogia
· L - carnitine
· Omega 3 Fatty Acids
· Fruit or Veggie Enzyme supplements

Occasionally, a little help from some programs can boost a sluggish metabolism and keep glucose levels at bay. These natural dietary aides coincide quite well with the HCG hormone in preventing fat stores from building up and maintaining energy.

6. Throw Some Exercise into your Celebration

Where’s there's a party, there’s bound to be dancing, which is one the best and most amusing calorie burners (not to mention the most efficient averaging at about 153 calories in thirty minutes).

Also, there's no need for a partner when there are popular group dances, like the Cupid Shuffle or the Bunny Hop. Other ideas include a spirited game of charades (lots of arm movement) and family-friendly favorites like football, volleyball, baseball and Frisbee golf.

In snowy climates, you can never go wrong with a snowball fight with the kids…or even just a stroll around the neighborhood. Nonetheless, some amount of movement can be incorporated into any gathering and will definitely eliminate boredom while alleviating the after effects of accidental overeating. So don’t be shy; go ahead and start the Conga line!

7. Give Yourself the Gift of Forgiveness

Considering the festive atmosphere, you might slip up once or twice. There really is no need to obsess, and besides, you won't enjoy the company of friends and family as much as you would otherwise.

Because this lifestyle change is meant to be run like a marathon and not a sprint, this means that changes won't happen overnight, and the long-term practice of good eating habits and physical exercise will take some time to kick in.

This includes overcoming circumstances that you are not necessarily accustomed to while following HiCG protocol. You will eventually learn to practice moderation during any kind of occasion that greatly involves food.

Remember that you are in full control of what you take into your body, and if you indulge in one bite or one drink, you will not necessarily undo months or even weeks of adhering to the diet. You can always get “back on the wagon” and persevere. Furthermore, there are the “fix-it” days (Steak or Egg Days) that can help.

So enjoy visiting with everyone, cherish their companionship, and remember that this season does not last forever. Once Super Bowl Sunday has passed, you’re home free for quite a while…at least until spring!

Source: lovefindsitsway.com/7-ways-to-burn-more-fat-steadily-and-safely-to-look-your-best/

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North East India Travel on EMI

Northeast of India is a place one can not miss out on. There are several destinations to explore and each of them offers an experience in itself. Also, now travel on EMI and forget all the hassle of last minute planning.

There is often a controversy about the existence of magic on the planet and the answers have always varied from person to person. However, when the word travel is mentioned, it is almost a natural instinct to believe in it as something even more magical than magic itself.

India is one of the countries which allows travellers to experience some of the most vivid terrains, climates and views. A travel of a few hundred kilometers and it all seems like an entirely new place. The multicultural land of India is no short of a fairytale with mystical places and there is one place which does complete justice to this fact. You guessed it right, the northeast of India. While there are places to travel all across the country, but if one does not visit northeast India, we'd say your trip was never complete. There are multiple north east tour packages waiting for you out there, grab one and start your expedition.

Although there are tons of places to talk about, lets' go to a far off place and explore a very calm and serene landscape which offers you peace and a chance to introspect.
In the ease of Sikkim, lies Tshangu lake. Also known as Lake Tsomgo or Changu lake, it is a glacial lake around 40KM away from the capital city of Gangtok. Lying at an elevation of 3753 meters, the lake remains frozen during the winters. With the arrival of summer, it draws its water from the melting snow on the mountains. It reflects different colours and shades with the changing of seasons and is of great importance for the local people. This sacred lake extends to 1KM in length, deepens to 15mtrs and is oval in shape. The meaning of the word Tsomgo translates to Tso meaning lake and Mgo meaning head in the local language. The lake holds diversity throughout the year and is home to a lot of migratory birds and brahmini ducks. A variety of flowers including rhododendrons, primulas, blue and yellow poppies, irises etc. can be found blooming on the banks of Tsomgo.

To add more excitement, a pavement along the lake takes you to a quiet shed, where you can spend some  time in the lap of nature. The serene landscape and the natural splendor make it a must visit.

There are always a few requisites before travelling to any place including planning, tickets, hotels to stay etc. However, there is a new way to travel which takes care of all these expenses very much in advance. What if we told you that your next trip will not be just a regular trip but a lavish one where you pay for your holidays on emi and travel without any burden of finding tickets and places to stay. Don't be surprised, it is now possible to open a holiday savings account and save money for a trip you want to take. Leave all the hassle of planning your trip and just focus on enjoying those days to the fullest.

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A second-hand car may cost you less but it is definitely not an easy task to choose one. Have a look at what our experts have to say to those looking forward to purchase one:

  1. Decide your budget: This is the first step towards buying a car. Make sure that you set aside some funds for insurance while finalizing your budget.

  2. Finalise the seller: You can buy a vehicle directly from the owner, a car dealer or through an online platform.

  3. Check how old the vehicle is: Buying a well maintained used car that is less than 2 years old is almost as good as buying a new one. It is always a good option to look for cars that are comparatively not very old.

  4. Examine the car: It is important to get the car that you are planning to buy checked from a mechanic or an expert. Keep the following things in mind while examining the vehicle:

  • Always take a test drive before finalising your vehicle

  • Check the engine to make sure that it is running smoothly

  • Car battery should not be very old and should be in good working condition

  • The tyres should be in good condition and not have too much of wear and tear

  • Make sure the charging point and music system is in good condition

  • Make sure the air conditioner and wipers are working properly

  • Check the outer body for dents and damages

  1. Check the paperwork: Make a thorough check of the papers before finalizing your purchase. These include RC book, PUC certificate, Registration papers and car insurance

Examine the car thoroughly and be satisfied before you finally decide to bring your car home!

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Ten Tips to Go Green While Travelling

Global warming is escalating at an alarming rate. This has persuaded many countries to take notable steps in order to reduce their carbon footprint. But it is important that we take steps at individual level too to save the environment.

Here are 10 steps that one can take while travelling to reduce individual carbon footprints:

  1. Use the right fuel

One of the major causes of global warming is the emission of carbon dioxide from vehicles. Combustion of diesel and petrol releases carbon dioxide and other undesirable gases in the air. Using CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as fuel releases lesser amount of carbon dioxide and is it is also lead-free. This makes CNG a more environment-friendly fuel.

  1. Accelerate properly

Avoid putting down your foot on your accelerator permanently. Slight tapping will save your fuel and keep your vehicle in motion. Also, accelerating your vehicle all at once puts lot of pressure on the engine and hence more fuel is consumed leading to more pollution. Try accelerating gradually to save fuel and lower the carbon emission.

  1. Switch to higher gears

While driving on highways at constant speed, it is better if you use the highest gear of your car. This will ensure a uniform motion for your car, leading to reduced fuel consumption.

  1. Stick to speed limits

Driving slower or faster than the standard speed limit can land you in trouble. Not just legally, but also regarding the efficiency of your car. Driving slower than required will lead to more fuel consumption.

  1. Check tyre conditions

Always keep your tyres inflated to the required limit. Proper inflation gives adequate balance and speed so your engine need not drag your vehicle and hence fuel consumption is economic.

  1. Don’t over pack

It is smart to not overload your vehicle with unwanted stuff. Be smart while packing and pick only those things which you need in your trip. Heavier the vehicle, higher is the amount of fuel consumed to drag it.

  1. Plan your trip

A planned trip reduces extra travel time and fuel combustion. Be aware of road conditions and plan your stops before starting.

  1. Use Global Positioning System

Using a GPS device instead of paper maps makes it easy to spot your exact location. If you are using GPS, then you will not be lost and hence, you travel just the required path, eliminating extra fuel combustion.

  1. Use litter bags

It is not cool to be a litter bug so be smart and always carry a waterproof litter bag in your car.

  1. Take breaks

Take proper breaks to cool down your car engine. Overheating will lead to more fuel consumption and improper combustion.

Along with going green, getting a proper car insurance policy is important. Getting your vehicle insured will help you out of financial troubles due to car damage.

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